Our Vision and Guiding Principles

Our Vision

A world where every learner’s unique creativity and talents are unleashed to collaboratively solve challenges.

Our Guiding Principles

We approach all of our work with:

  • A Learner Focus
    Our decisions are guided first and foremost by what is in the best interest of our learners. We are committed to teach our youth the value of curiosity, courage, collaboration, and creativity in an environment where learners are empowered and not led; where risk taking is encouraged and mistakes are learning opportunities; and where brainstorming
    is vital and every idea is welcome.
  • A Volunteer Appreciation
    Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. They are critical to our success, so we truly value their gracious contributions, strive to appreciate and honor their efforts, and always treat them with admiration and respect.
  • An Underpinning of Inclusivity
    Our programs rely on the richness borne from diversity of perspective. Our goal is to forge lifelong relationships where every participating voice is heard and idea valued, in an environment safe for both independent and team efforts.
  • A Desire to Be the Example
    Our success depends on demonstrating the fundamental values and behaviors we expect to see in our learners. We will operate with integrity and transparency; curiosity and accountability; honesty and open communication; mutual respect and civility; and creative thinking and collaboration in all of our business and personal interactions.